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Four Piece Suit is “a highball of sea-foam-soaked guitar and squalling tenor sax, shaken—not stirred—with surf tangos, Battista-era mambos, beach blanket boppers, spy music, crime jazz, and movie themes.” The predominantly instrumental group brings humor, romance and a pulsing rhythm to the category-defying range musical styles they reinvent. Heard on soundtracks for Sex and the City and Dexter, Four Piece Suit puts on a sizzling live show.

The band is: Milt Reder on guitar, John Aruda on sax, Dean Cassell on bass and Seth Pappas on drums. For more on 4PS, please visit www.fourpiecesuit.com. Truly beyond category, their eclectic instrumental, sometimes jazz, sometimes rock style, brings forth a unique blend of long forgotten musical influences and often suggests a certain film noir feeling.

The sexy, sophisticated, yet tongue-in-cheek music of FOUR PIECE SUIT is frequently featured on the highly acclaimed HBO series Sex and the City, Telemundo, NBC’s Ed, Dexter on CBS, and cable shows such as Keeping Up with the Kardashians, America’s Top Model, Run’s House, and many others. Film work includes Our Lips are Sealed (Olsen Twins), In the Weeds (Molly Ringwald), Stag (HBO films), Psycho Beach Party, Along Came Polly (Jennifer Aniston), and others.

The band has also been heard in many independent films, including Sundance Festival Winner Blue Vinyl. They have also done a full score for an HBO claymation film, Real Men Wear Hawaiian Shirts, an award winner at the San Francisco Film Festival.

Four Piece Suit have released three CDs: Ready to Where?, Matinee Idylls, and Spirito, available on itunes and CDbaby.com. Even as their CDs and film work introduce them to new audiences, it is the “uncharted waters” of their live performances which create the word-of-mouth that brings in legions of loyal fans. From the Fillmore in SF to the Windows on the World Bar at the NY World Trade Center, they have played to crowds of 50 to 50,000. A hot 4PS show at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge is like seeing Louis Prima’s band at the Copa in 1958, walls sweating, booties shaking, and a half a grin on the face.

Like many of the greatest bands, only at a live show can one really “get” what FOUR PIECE SUIT is all about…

Pulp-Fiction-esque...a dream 1962 prom band! ”

— Boston Herald

Unfettered abandon...a perfect fit for any era.”


a frothy pop cocktail--two parts lounge music, one part swing, served with a smile. ”


Music Library

Four Piece Suit are best known for their extensive sound track work on HBO's hit series  "Sex And The City" with Sarah Jessica Parker.

They have written music for a number of indy and big studio films, including:
  • What About Polly with Ben Stiller
  • Stag with Ben Gazarra and Mario Van Peebles ...
  • To the Stars with Amanda Plummer
  • Psycho Beach Party
  • Rockford Files
  • True Love and Last Night at Eddie's (with Barrence Whitfield)
  • Baby Love
  • Our Lips Are Sealed (Olsen Twins)

Four Piece Suit has worked in the area of television, including series such as Dexter, Ed, Lillyhammer, and many others, also numerous reality shows, including America's Top Model, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Real Housewives of Atlanta, etc. Telemundo uses Four Piece Suit's Latin catalog extensively for bumpers and breaks.

FILM MAKERS and music supervisors are encouraged to explore Four Piece Suit's library of original themes and incidental music, including a wealth of UNRELEASED tracks from the vaults of Rear Window studios.
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Here is a partial listing:

Cornbread Pudding (TV comedy theme)
The Magnificent Four (Spaghetti Western)
Prowler (Spy theme)
Boxing Day (Celtic Ballad)
Failure to Thrive (Melancholy theme)
Vornado (Spanish Harracha)
Moonlight in the Mud (Swamp Rock)
On the Run (ZZ boogie)
Southland (Southern Rock)
Dark Day (ominous blues)
Castle Mood (ancient Nordic folk melody arr. four_piece_suit)
Elevator Shaft (blaxploitation funk)
Bombasteroid (patio pool party, do the Monkey)
Sloppy Shopping (slapstick)
Regrettable (Crime Jazz)
Blow-Air-O (Chase scene)
Mondo Bondo (Spy theme)
In Pain in Paris (crime jazz)
Sneaky (Swing dance)
Romeoville (Romantic summer theme)
Strip Search (Bump and Grind)
Cara (Spanish style romantic theme)
Bender (Sleazy Rock)
Dave's Happy Place (Capuccino music)
El Nino (Surf)